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Quality Management

& Quality Assurance

Product and Quality

For us, quality with the associated quality management system doesn‘t only refer to the product, but to the sum of all processes behind its creation. This mindset helps us meet the requirements of our customers whilst also rising to individual objectives within the company. Each team member is an important part of our success as a business thanks to individual ideas and projects. Through continuous improvement processes and agile teamwork, we meet challenges sustainably and avoid mistakes in advance.

Our employees and their qualifications, flexibility and commitment are one of the central pillars of our success. Respectful collaboration within our team at all levels is very important to us. To guarantee our high quality standard for each and every product that leaves our premises, we rely on our established quality assurance both internally and externally, which go far beyond the standard level and requirements, working hand in hand with our engineering department. We carry out the quality control of our components with the utmost care and state-of-the-art measuring technology. This process ensures that we can guarantee reliable quality assurance at the highest level.

We Perform the Following Product Tests:

✔ Hardness test
✔ Visual inspection
✔ Lubricant analysis
✔ Profiling
✔ Micrograph analysis
✔ Noise & vibrations
✔ Dimensional inspection
✔ Material analysis
✔ Surface condition
✔ Microscopic examination
✔ Functional test
✔ Wear analysis

Long-standing Partnerships

Our products and services are the second pillar of our business processes. Our detailed warehouse system enables us to permanently deliver, so that we can respond to your request quickly and on time.

The quality features that distinguish us remain the rule without exceptions, and we can look back on many long-standing partnerships with customers all over the world thanks to the convincing quality of our products and the associated exceptional customer service.

Certified Quality Assurance in Dortmund, Germany According to:

Quality Management System: DIN EN ISO 9001
Environmental Management System: DIN EN ISO 14001

Process Performance Management
with a Standardised Quality Assurance System

KIS Quality Management info graphic
A5 A9212

The KIS Production Code

Our databased Product Lifecycle Management system, which is linked to our manufacturing sites, enables us to seamlessly monitor our quality standards as well as the production and process flow.

All of our brand's products are marked with an internal KIS production code that helps us identify each bearing at all times, even after installation.